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Just to let you know I will remain inactive on October 1st during my B day due to taking a break and spend time with my friends.

October will be the month where I will devote myself making Halloween themed dioramas in the same Suge9 style but I will add additional dioramas on my Pixiv profile. Here's the sample of a halloween diorama I'm working on along with the rest of the dioramas for October:

Also Flash Grounds is inactive due to my programmer isn't responding so I will do somehting else to make a new game.

I will remain civil on this site as always but I will be willing to be more active here than usual.

My current update

2017-07-19 14:42:56 by ScepterDPinoy

I'm heading to Barcelona on the 20th so that means I will be either active or inactive on this website depending on the cellular or wifi connection there while avoiding scam artists. 

Also Flash Grounds development has been frozen since my programmer is inactive on Skype either I'm being patient waiting for a response or cancelled. If Flash Grounds is cancelled I am compelled to make my next game which I'm currently be making with a friend who will help my program my art assets. This game I'm mentioning is inspired of Space Harrier,Gunstar Heroes, Wild Guns and Sin and Punishment 2.

I apologize I can't post screenshots of my next game so I will be posting it after I get back from Barcelona.

Updates 3/2/2017

2017-03-02 22:11:28 by ScepterDPinoy

Sorry I've been on a hiatus due to the fact that I was focusing on this image for a particular holiday:

I was feeling less motivated after I was very tired from making allot of art. Also working on art while being isolated in my room without socializing with my brother with no music to listen and no people to skype to is plain hell. Also I wanted to remain active on NG if I feel like not to be anti social by going on chat rooms, reviewing peoples work, ect.

I've contact one of the NG users on Skype who can help me on finishing all of the assets for Flash Grounds on Saturday but if it turns out negatively and this game is cancelled I have to make this game by scratch in Construct 2 which is a pain... But it will take time during the games development.

After Flash Grounds is released (If possible) I am free to make fan art, commisions for a living if I feel like it or not, and make fan art based on internet holidays from NG.

I was very busy when making a huge pixel art image for "Pixel Day 2017" but somehow making many fanarts throughout the mid weeks is a time consuming process giving me less opportunity to make my shmup game which is my concern.

I apologize that I haven't released Flash Grounds (shmup game) during this years Pixel Day since I was busy making fan arts and shit. I decided I should only make one fan art each week in order to ease my burden to create Flash Grounds and other stuff such as making a boss for Mugen essentially part of my schedule.

Other plans due to the fact that since I'm developing a game called Flash Ground I'm going to post a forum on the collab section of asking if many NG users decided if they would like to create their own enemy and boss ships for Flash Grounds (no copyright infringment of existing medias except Newground related characters).

With that being said I'm off to program Flash Grounds in construct 2 after a long ass hiatus. If your willing to help me program the game I'm making that would be nice as long as you have Construct 2 and your own personal license.

I have to make some announcement with each sentence imformative as short as possible so I won't waste your precious time.

During late December this year I recieve back my HP Envy 23 from repair while haven't been active making art when I'm focusing making a huge project for Pixel Day 2017 as shown here:

In other news I'm currently thinking about making a forum collab of a shmup game for Newground users who want ro request their own enemy and boss ships before and after Pixel Day (I can't release it on Pixel Day 2017 and if it's rushed). if people are not interested that doesn't mean I will stop making this game since it's my dream game I wan't to develop.

Aslo I would like to mention that I'm making a game with my closest friend who will be programming in Unity and I will be in charge of making the assets.

Lastly I'm about to have a high blood surgar that is linked to diabetes so that means I'm not allowed to drink any beveraves but water from now on and I have to force myself to excercise 30 minutes 5 days a week benefiting me before my blood test as I fear that my health wouldn't be the same.

Hope you have an awesome new years eve! I will remain active on NG while I'm  busy making a huge poster for Pixel Day 2017 in early January as I apologize I didn't make any fan arts lately... :)

As some of you may know I just bring my HP Envy 23 to Best Buy for repair (my main computer for uploading art) due to Smart Disc Errror so they will replace my hard drive within 21 days downgrading my Windows 10 to either 8.1, 8, or 7 in the process.

I will remain active on Newgrounds sometimes without my main pc but I have to use my family's pc moderately and using this pc for mostly art related work. Also I will be uploading a few fan arts in November and December. This laptop is a bit unstable that is vulnerable to any virus so I have to use it carefully.

Planning to make evry iconic Newground characters in style of Undertale battle sprite. I'm planing to make a Hallowen card edtion but I decided to shift toward making a poster or wallpaper in 1080p as I will release it during this Halloween day.

I'll get to be a gamer wearing a Power Armor mask from Fallout with retro gaming accessories despite that I rarely play any games due to the fact that my life is cluttered in making fan arts... I'm waiting for Owlboy to be released so I can start playing this game.

Here's a sample of of Skeletom in form of Undertale on my pinned tweet:


What are you guys going to dress up for Halloween?

Recently ago Heavy Cat Studios (Scott with no apparent last name) contacted me on DeviantArt asking me to make sprite tile sets for his company as I reluctantly agreed to do so. After I stumbled upon this website for me to contribute there ares some games, animation, manga, art, and novels as I think "Looks interesting"

A few days later after my skype schedule was delayed He contacted me on skype recently ago that I should recommend to set an account at their website. Before I do so I checked the latest trailers from Heavy Cat Studios and the game footage that people made seems decent and dirivitive as I know think "Okay I geuss?"

As it turns out it is considered a scam by many people from Deviantart who complained they didn't got their money after they payed money to contribute ther art assets and in return they are left nothing as Scott leaves with cash thinking he can get away with it! He is not as creative as Scott Warshaw (who worked for Atari) and Scott Cawthon (creator of Five Nights at Freddy's) but lust for money without remorse nor does he have any experience in creative artcompared to ebaumsworld.

If you stumble upon this studio and if Scott asked you to make something for him I wouldn't reccommend you to work for him whom he made people lifeless. Do not even acknowledge him or contacting him that would put your financial situation. As for NG artists: Do yourself a favor and stay away from this website!

Shitty Website run by a person with no last name and no life:

Updates, tips, and plans

2016-09-08 06:49:48 by ScepterDPinoy

Sorry I was less inactive in Newground due to being busy with art.

I was about to make another art project that I'm currently making but one of the users on Newgrounds commented me that I was egotistical despite that this user respects me. I lost a bit of followers because I my life was occupied with art and loss of motivation.

I just don't want to have fame and not to rival any artists in this website but I just want to support other NG users and be involved in collaborations. I fear that I was very egotistical but is there any tips I just want to crush my ego as an artists? I'm very Sorry I don't want to treat you guys this way.

Also I'm planning to make a fan art tribute for Jazzas animation "The Tale Teller". I will upload this art either later this week or next week.


I just came back from Anime Expo. Bought several few stuff there.

As many of you guys know that my HP Envy 23 (The one that I bought back in 2015 after Pico Day) has encountered "smart disk error" that happens when I attempt to fix the app default reset by accident several months ago. Furthermore I have just wasted my cash on buying a monitor (W2081d) that my Envy 23 cannot detect when I'm using an hdmi adaptor for the VGA cable. Now I'm desperate to find a job. 

Unfortunately I will upload the last two artoworks before making a large scale art by next week which I will upload this art on November 19, 2016 after my computer is fixed. After that particular week has been passed I wil resume making flash grounds and a boss for Mugen for who knows my hard drive is corrupted during my progress. Even if I don't feel like making fan arts I will remain active on NG. Also I need to limit my computer time due to computer fatigue.

Sorry for the long post but that's what I address that I am concern of so far.