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.siht daer naht od ot retteb gnihton evah I tihs hO
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Hey just want to let you know that my thumbdrive has encountered disk write protected error so that means I wouldn't be able to make fan art, assets for games and some huge personal projects using Photoshop CS2 (free version) since I'm having some art block issues. I was wasting my time on social media and I just wan't to focus on life of hanging with friends outside of my home rather than sitting alone on my computer doing some social media (I'll be here around on this website).

Also I can't participate next years pixel day and a fan art contest held by NG since I'm low on budget to buy another high end computer and an image base application to make pixel art. I need to keep my PC safe to survive from any virus because I cannot afford to buy another PC and an application with less budget.

I'm just going to focus on life hanging out with my friends until this problem is resolved. Also I have a strange dream that I was late for college but as I interpret that I need to go to college so I can get my certificate on graphics design at Norco College if it's necessary because it's been many years since I'm not active on this college after completing my class on 2014.

My life is wasted If I'm doing nothing... If any of you guys can give me some recommendation of how to focus on having a good life that would be helpful. If not then that's fine since I have nothing better to do.

Update June 17: Going to make my final piece of Metroidvania (heaven utopia and dystopia hell) as I was originally inteded to release it on Pixel Day 2019 or 2020 but decided to release it this summer using the color palettes AAP-Splendor128 created in Aseprite Before 4th of July. I dunno if I will participate for Pixel Day 2020 but I will make a simple mockup for fun.

See you soon in a couple of weeks... I'm willing to respond when I'm not active.


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