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Both the special stages in Sonic 1, 2 and the Advance series are the bane of my existence...

This is the reason I can trust the team of 64bits pouring their heart and soul making this awesome animation as a labor of love.

Took me back when comedic violence in Newgrounds was gold When people have nothing to do. Now it's a creative website. Also good animation entry.

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I wish Locomalito import games here and that would be perfect. Not only this game truly capture the spirit of 80's arcade games perfectly it also pleases the spirit of this years Pixel Day.

I dunno which attack button on the enemy I kill but please try to add "how to controls" on the description to give some clarity. Found the graphics to be a bit decent but I hope you improve the art style on future games. I dunno about the background music but I can still get a hang of it despite it needs work. Not a bad game but not the best either.

A decent game to keep me busy. I hope the quality of this game improves via positive feedback. :)

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This is one of the most phenomenal song I've heard later this year and a great way to end this year in withing a several months after I post this comment. Kudos to you and Troisnyx making things possible.

My life wouldn't be complete without this.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! I love her piece, all I did was enhance the sound some to bring out the good qualities of the song :) i'm glad i remixed it. Thank you!

Sounds calming and relaxing in the beginning part. Hats off to you for making this beautiful song! *downloads*

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Aww thanks :)

I have to say this is the best audio for Pico Day I ever heared! Thanks m8!

FrenZeon responds:

Thank you dude. I think this'll be a runner up entry.

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Can't beat Sacred Ground to this day. This art is awesome though.

EthanDoesaThing responds:

Thanks! I've only beaten sacred ground once or twice, but that was only because I kept collecting hearts in the halfway point

The quality of this pixel art is outstanding.

My money goes to Garfield. Mondays can piss off.

Onnud i tra tib ih gnikam tsitra lexip trats tceles A B > < > < v v ^^.

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