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ScepterDPinoy's News

Posted by ScepterDPinoy - May 23rd, 2019

Hey just want to let you know that my thumbdrive has encountered disk write protected error so that means I wouldn't be able to make fan art, assets for games and some huge personal projects using Photoshop CS2 (free version) since I'm having some art block issues. I was wasting my time on social media and I just wan't to focus on life of hanging with friends outside of my home rather than sitting alone on my computer doing some social media (I'll be here around on this website).

Also I can't participate next years pixel day and a fan art contest held by NG since I'm low on budget to buy another high end computer and an image base application to make pixel art. I need to keep my PC safe to survive from any virus because I cannot afford to buy another PC and an application with less budget.

I'm just going to focus on life hanging out with my friends until this problem is resolved. Also I have a strange dream that I was late for college but as I interpret that I need to go to college so I can get my certificate on graphics design at Norco College if it's necessary because it's been many years since I'm not active on this college after completing my class on 2014.

My life is wasted If I'm doing nothing... If any of you guys can give me some recommendation of how to focus on having a good life that would be helpful. If not then that's fine since I have nothing better to do.

Update June 17: Going to make my final piece of Metroidvania (heaven utopia and dystopia hell) as I was originally inteded to release it on Pixel Day 2019 or 2020 but decided to release it this summer using the color palettes AAP-Splendor128 created in Aseprite Before 4th of July. I dunno if I will participate for Pixel Day 2020 but I will make a simple mockup for fun.

See you soon in a couple of weeks... I'm willing to respond when I'm not active.


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - January 3rd, 2019

Hey just want to give a quick update that my plans for this year is making some mockups using my own style (stereoscopic occasionally.) Also commissions are open now as opposed to after January 23rd due to some personal reasons while moving on to something else. When I'm not making art I will also be active on social media such as reviewing other art or hanging in chat rooms. Hope you guys have a great year!


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - December 30th, 2018

Oh shit I'll be gone taking a break from social media to celebrate the new years by December 31st unfortunatley :(.

Also January will be a busy month for me to make an art suprise before Pixel Day 2019 but I am eager to check out some entries made by awesome users like you and any Tumblr refugee will make some pixel art entry that surpasses wowing users is what I do care about. If my current files I'm working on in Photoshop for Pixel Day got corrupted I wouldn't be able to participate but I have a backup pixel art I made in mid scale that's nothing special...

Commissions is closed this January at this moment until commissions will be opened again on January 24th (except the one on my Deviantart profile is active there so contact me there if you feel like it.)

I pray 2019 won't be a dick to us because 2018 is a horrible year to lose a legendary figures that will sadly be missed as I share my condolences... :(


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - December 12th, 2018

Since the migration have triggered I decided to accept light or adult ecchi art (exclusive here at Newgrounds) and (or) whatever you wan't as part of the commission but I still retain the what I will draw and not draw.

You're very own pixel art and sprites! Not Interested? That's fine. :)




Posted by ScepterDPinoy - October 7th, 2018

Hey guys here are some problems and issues I've encountered on my PC recently ago:

Unfortunately my finished Halloween 4k pic cannot be opened in Photo viewer while the original file for that pic has several layers deleted in Gimp. I'm developing an art block since I do not have any cash left to pay for another program such as Photoshop (I do have $78.27 dollors left on my paypal) while Gimp is being a dick on my files that was created in Gimp to save as a png photo.

Also I don't know if I will be doing a set of cards for Neon Mob while I do not have enough cash to purchase a new computer as I'm losing confidence while having an art block. Also I'm very stressed about doing other projects someone commissioned that consumes my time. I'm very frustrated how my pc cannot handle 3D games and pixel art games with filters added to it.

Overall I need to take a break from my pc but I'm aware that Gimp will corrupt my files if too many layers and filters were added while the games I owned such as Cross Code cannot handle filters causing slowdown resulting the HD driver to stop working (this includes Unity). I don't want to purchase another pc at this moment while under a budget.

I'll be hanging out in social media as well as this site to set aside my worries and frustration.

Updates October 9: Downloaded Aseprite for work. Dunno what the future holds... Also downloaded the free version of Photoshop CS2 from a help of a user.

Updates October 12: My 32 thumb drive along with the portable hard drive will be deleted if I attempt to plug it on a usb of my pc...

Update October 16: Planning to make a art project for an internet holiday next year using CS2... If not I'm stuck.


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - October 2nd, 2018

Just to let you know I will be doing a full scale Halloween fan art throughout this month but unfortunately I'm unable to focus on Octobit this year (I'll be doing Octobit next year eventually if possible). I will post less fan art this month. While I was making art I have a habit that I wasn't active on Social media but I'll try to remain active while I make this project throughout this month.

Here's a sample for this Halloween fan art project I'm currently making since I'm kinda confused with the blog layout (posting pictures, insert url, ect.): https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4599710a7439f24bbdeaf642dd95e360

I hope everyone on this site (even outside of this site) have their Hallowwen spriit filled. :D

Updates October 5: Planning to do a Neon Mob Card series this month asap after the full scale Halloween project.


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - May 9th, 2018

This journal enty will stay permanent this year as I will discuss my plan:

As I've been working on making some art I will be uploading art once a week to twice a month due to the fact that I develop a sciatic nerve so that means I have to limit my computer time as well as being on a diet while physically working out. I will remain active to chat with other users on social media when not making art.

Furhtermore I was working on this Mugen boss I'm currently making but when not having time making this boss or programming it I have other things to do such as making art or doing commissions which I will do this year:


If your a Mugen programmer and you can help me program this boss I'm making that will be great then if not I understand your reasons.

So that said I will be moving on to limit my computer activity.

Updates May 19th 2018: Commissions is open if you are interested:



Posted by ScepterDPinoy - September 30th, 2017

Just to let you know I will remain inactive on October 1st during my B day due to taking a break and spend time with my friends.

October will be the month where I will devote myself making Halloween themed dioramas in the same Suge9 style but I will add additional dioramas on my Pixiv profile. Here's the sample of a halloween diorama I'm working on along with the rest of the dioramas for October: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/6fc5dd7d4cd356f1611db71af2bb136a

Also Flash Grounds is inactive due to my programmer isn't responding so I will do somehting else to make a new game.

I will remain civil on this site as always but I will be willing to be more active here than usual.


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - July 19th, 2017

I'm heading to Barcelona on the 20th so that means I will be either active or inactive on this website depending on the cellular or wifi connection there while avoiding scam artists. 

Also Flash Grounds development has been frozen since my programmer is inactive on Skype either I'm being patient waiting for a response or cancelled. If Flash Grounds is cancelled I am compelled to make my next game which I'm currently be making with a friend who will help my program my art assets. This game I'm mentioning is inspired of Space Harrier,Gunstar Heroes, Wild Guns and Sin and Punishment 2.

I apologize I can't post screenshots of my next game so I will be posting it after I get back from Barcelona.


Posted by ScepterDPinoy - March 2nd, 2017

Sorry I've been on a hiatus due to the fact that I was focusing on this image for a particular holiday:


I was feeling less motivated after I was very tired from making allot of art. Also working on art while being isolated in my room without socializing with my brother with no music to listen and no people to skype to is plain hell. Also I wanted to remain active on NG if I feel like not to be anti social by going on chat rooms, reviewing peoples work, ect.

I've contact one of the NG users on Skype who can help me on finishing all of the assets for Flash Grounds on Saturday but if it turns out negatively and this game is cancelled I have to make this game by scratch in Construct 2 which is a pain... But it will take time during the games development.

After Flash Grounds is released (If possible) I am free to make fan art, commisions for a living if I feel like it or not, and make fan art based on internet holidays from NG.