Updates 3/2/2017

2017-03-02 22:11:28 by ScepterDPinoy

Sorry I've been on a hiatus due to the fact that I was focusing on this image for a particular holiday:


I was feeling less motivated after I was very tired from making allot of art. Also working on art while being isolated in my room without socializing with my brother with no music to listen and no people to skype to is plain hell. Also I wanted to remain active on NG if I feel like not to be anti social by going on chat rooms, reviewing peoples work, ect.

I've contact one of the NG users on Skype who can help me on finishing all of the assets for Flash Grounds on Saturday but if it turns out negatively and this game is cancelled I have to make this game by scratch in Construct 2 which is a pain... But it will take time during the games development.

After Flash Grounds is released (If possible) I am free to make fan art, commisions for a living if I feel like it or not, and make fan art based on internet holidays from NG.


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2017-03-03 03:35:24

Look forward to it... And good luck with your game...


2017-05-13 11:12:29

looking forward to it :3


2017-05-24 12:11:00

Oh, hey, thanks for the follow. Been lookin at your work for quite some time.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

No problem. I like your Eggman art and the rest of your art in your gallery.