My current update

2017-07-19 14:42:56 by ScepterDPinoy

I'm heading to Barcelona on the 20th so that means I will be either active or inactive on this website depending on the cellular or wifi connection there while avoiding scam artists. 

Also Flash Grounds development has been frozen since my programmer is inactive on Skype either I'm being patient waiting for a response or cancelled. If Flash Grounds is cancelled I am compelled to make my next game which I'm currently be making with a friend who will help my program my art assets. This game I'm mentioning is inspired of Space Harrier,Gunstar Heroes, Wild Guns and Sin and Punishment 2.

I apologize I can't post screenshots of my next game so I will be posting it after I get back from Barcelona.


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2017-07-21 13:54:27

Do you know Wafflesmash

ScepterDPinoy responds:

I do know him. He has interesting art. What about him?